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Located in York County, South Carolina, Rock Hill is a city of great proportions that still teems with the charm of the south. This city is home to approximately 64,848 inhabitants as of 2007 and has a total land area of 31.1 square miles.  Rock Hill is as fully-developed and modernized city as its neighbor Charlotte in North Carolina.  Ideal for setting up a home or a business, Rock Hill has many great opportunities for housing and real estate. 

What makes Rock Hill, SC Special?

The city of Rock Hill has a number of notable qualities.  Aside from the charm and hospitability of the south, the city also boasts of being named as one of the best places to raise children, according to a review done by Business Week. Rock Hill is quite accessible because it's located just off Interstate 77 and is just 25 miles from  Uptown Charlotte. 

Rock Hill Real Estate and Homes - History

The city got its name from a hill of flint rock that stood in the way of the construction of a rail line that was being built to connect Charlotte to Columbia.  Much of the hill had to be destroyed to make way and the settlement that eventually formed in the area was then named Rock Hill.

It has been said that the city of Rock Hill was formally recognized in April 17, 1852 when the first post office was built.  Though in actuality, the city has only been incorporated in 1890, Rock Hill celebrated its centennial in 1952 and its 150th year in 2002.
Two major events made Rock Hill a notable place during the civil rights movements in the 1950s and '60s. In 1961, nine men staged a sit-in protest in one of the segregated local diners. Though they were arrested and put to jail, what garnered them the nationwide attention was the “jail, no bail” tactic that was adopted by other civil rights groups. Since eight of the nine protesters were students at the Friendship Junior College, the group was then known as the Friendship Nine. Another event that served to fan the flames of the civil rights movement was the test conducted by the Freedom Riders.
This group of thirteen men set off on a journey to the Deep South to test the 1960 US Supreme Court ruling that banned racial segregation in all public facilities. However, when then civil rights leader John Lewis and a colleague stepped out of the bus onto Rock Hill, they were attacked by white extremists. In 2008 though, in behalf of the whole city, Mayor Doug Echols formally apologized to now US Congressman Lewis for the incident. At present, as one enters the city of Rock Hill, a visitor can be greeted by a sign with the words “This city has no room for racism.”

Rock Hill Real Estate and Homes - Landmarks and Attractions

There are many places of interest that can be found in the city of Rock Hill.  In this part of South Carolina, one can find three institutes of higher education. One of them is the much-accoladed Winthrop University.  Winthrop has been named as one of the best Southeastern colleges in the country by the 2006 Princeton Review and as one of the top ten of America's Best Colleges by the US News and World Report in the same year.

One can also find the Clinton Junior College in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  This academic institution was established in 1864 to provide excellent education to newly-emancipated African-Americans.  York Technical College can also be found in the city of Rock Hill.
Despite being a highly-developed city, Rock Hill also boasts of attractions of the natural kind.  Visitors and locals can enjoy the 31 parks, a number of nature reserves, and 400 acres of nature trails great for exploring the great outdoors. Hiking, paddling, trekking, and geocaching are just a few of the outdoor activities that everybody can enjoy in this city.
One of the first buildings built in the city is also an attraction to see.  The White Home, built in 1839, served as the ancestral home of many generations of the White Family. Currently, the Historic Rock Hill community is restoring the home to its former grandeur.
Another attraction that draws in crowds of tourists is the Christmasville festival every December.  The streets of the Old Town in historic Rock Hill are decked out with finery as a Christmas village and art gallery spring up to delight the townspeople.

Rock Hill Real Estate and Homes - Other Interesting Information

Rock Hill is also a city that is known for other exploits. Vernon Grant, the acclaimed artist who created the elves Snap, Crackle, and Pop for a popular breakfast cereal brand, is a resident of the city and is considered a local hero in Rock Hill. In fact, the annual Christmasville festival started in 2006 was conceptualized in honor of his works.

Rock Hill Real Estate and Homes

Rock Hill is a city that is full of opportunities for housing and real estate.  For people looking for a place to relocate, Rock Hill is just the perfect place for them. Areas perfect for residential purposes can be found in and around the city.  Access to the town and its facilities is easy, given that public transportation is available.  Businesses can also flourish in this city, as there are enough property that can be purchased or leased for that purpose as well.


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